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We Heal University is an International online school that teaches Reiki mastery, sonic frequency sound healing modalities, and business ownership for healers.

We have been practicing healing concepts and teaching since 1985.

Our goal is to teach humans to be healers by deepening their knowledge of spiritual healing practices by learning positive healing energy modalities.

As our students become empowered with this knowledge, they develop their unique abilities and healing modalities.

We make these healing energy modalities visible and available to the world through our educational courses, while creating a network of empowered master healers who are committed to cultivating these techniques within their lives, their communities, and the world.

About the Founder

Kataka Gara is an international teacher, speaker, grand Reiki master, entrepreneur, published author, multi-instrumentalist musician and sound healer.

As a spiritual guide, her unique healing gifts have empowered spiritual seekers the world over. She practices multiple healing modalities including Reiki, sound healing, Sonic Frequency healing, Body Emotion Code healing, Theta healing, crystal healing, guided meditation, and more.

The Founder of We Heal University, she has developed an educational curriculum that teaches spiritual growth and practical wisdom with stealth business strategy.

Her students are transformed into master healers with a foundation in business ownership and impeccable ethics.

At a very early age, she was considered a child prodigy with musical instruments, and could pick up almost any instrument and easily play it. She started performing and singing in bands and discovered a love for entrepreneurship. She started her first business - a record label - at the age of 16.

As a curious teenager, she was fascinated with spiritual concepts and sought out the esoteric arts through Buddhism and nature-based practices. One day, while getting her first Reiki healing, she unexpectedly received an instantaneous transmission of energy and knew how Reiki worked to heal misperceptions within the third-dimension. Excited to share this energy work with family and friends, she immediately started practicing healings on them. Thus, started her journey to her profession as a Reiki Master teacher.

As Kataka became a young adult, she started and launched several different start-up companies in San Francisco, CA; including a dance club, graphic design company, and private members-only clubs.

She has been interviewed by several magazines, including the San Francisco Chronicle and was featured on The Geraldo Rivera Show, The Montel Williams Show, The Jerry Springer Show and Talk Soup with Greg Kinnear for her unique businesses.

At the turn of the century, Kataka decided to focus solely on Reiki. She taught healing concepts at four different colleges, including the National Holistic Institute - Berkeley, CA (as an externship teacher) and at the Trinity School of Massage - San Francisco/San Jose, CA.

She was the first official head Reiki master healer at the St. James Infirmary, an occupational safety & health clinic in San Francisco, CA.

Currently based in Los Angeles, she aims to create soulful, integrative experiences to support spiritual empowerment to her students. She has gone on to establish We Heal University and wrote the Reiki curriculum book, The Integrative Reiki Mastery Method.

She has continued to develop new concepts, such as Reiki sound healing. Through practicing Reiki, she discovered the ability to “funnel” Reiki energy through her live and recorded music. She has several music albums of Reiki sound healing music through Temple Of Perfection, her spiritual music label.

As Master Kataka offers new courses for her students through We Heal University, they will be able to continue their spiritual healing education and connect with an ever-growing student alumni across the world.