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We Heal University offers you the opportunity to work with Grand Master Kataka Gara to learn the ancient art and science of Reiki Mastery and Sound Healing.


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The Integrative Reiki Mastery Method (IRMM®) Course

Taught by WHU Founder and Reiki Master Kataka Gara

The Integrative Reiki Mastery Method Course (IRMM), offered exclusively through We Heal University (WHU), is an innovative, cutting-edge curriculum which has been developed by Master Kataka Gara over 25 years.

As a student, you will learn the Traditional Usui Reiki I, II, III modality and receive the Reiki symbols. You will also receive very specialized healing concepts that can be used with all forms of Reiki, including the Kataka Symbol, a 3rd eye healing symbol for instantaneous healing. You will also receive guidance on how to start a small business for Reiki healing to generate income.

This method empowers the student to become a healer, practitioner and Master of Reiki. It is integrative in that students receive all three Reiki levels in one consecutive course along with supporting healing systems such as, guided meditation, chakras and chi building concepts, nutrition, crystals, pendulum work, sound healing and manifesting concepts.

IRMM is excellent for beginners, as well as Reiki students who have previously obtained any Reiki levels and now desire to complete the Reiki Mastery training.

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Master Kataka Gara

Founder of We Heal University, has been a Reiki Master Teacher and sound healer for over 30 years. She has taught Reiki, sound healing, marketing and small business concepts all over the world to many students; including the National Holistic Institute and Trinity College of Massage.

Kataka was the first Reiki Master healer for the St. James Infirmary, an occupational safety & health clinic in San Francisco, CA. As a professional musician, singer and performer (playing over 50 instruments) she discovered she could “funnel” Reiki energy through her music, allowing her audiences to sense the healing effect and drop deeply into their hearts. Master Kataka specializes in the rare and mysterious Hang instrument. She helps students and clients by using Reiki Mastery and Sound healing music, so they can create the life they envision.

Her mission is: “To empower people through Beauty, Grace, and Joy.”