Feeling tired, sad, alone or just not your ultimate best? We could spend our entire lifetime just trying to figure out how to achieve our “perfect” true self but it is easier said than done. Let’s re-align ourselves to give a little extra everyday. 

1.) Feel fulfilled in every moment

Changing the negative into positive in everything we do could seem like a task but just nit-picking one positive thing and maximizing it could be a life saver. You 9-5 job might not be all glitz and glam, but pick the one you do the best in your everyday and praise it. Remind yourself that that one aspect of sheer success is something YOU do well, no one else.

2.) Love and Respect to others

The moment someone treats you disrespectful, how do you feel? Take that feeling and put someone else in your shoes to feel it. It’s awful…correct? Treating others with the ultimate love and respect gives them the best you, but also makes them feel 100% as well. No one likes to constantly be put down, so rise up and bring others with you.

3.) Love yourself like no other

Binge eat 6 candy bars, 4 sodas and 2 plates of pasta and see how you feel. This sugar high is really giving your body a depressing low. Not only should you love others and the world, but self-love is you number 1. What you put in your body should nourish, repair and regenerate. Keeping tabs on how you are keeping yourself healthy is the most important gift you can give yourself.

Exercise, eat healthy and remind yourself that you are your best self every day.

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