RexiMy first time meeting Master Kataka was over the phone. I was doing research and was looking for some Reiki for a friend and was very impressed by her reviews on Yelp. As soon as she returned my call, I immediately felt a sense of calm in her voice which in turn transferred over to me. I was going through a very rough time and was experiencing a lot of stress and anxiety. Initially, I was trying to set up an appointment for the other person, but after we ended our call, I soon realized I wanted a session of my own. I came in that same day and it was such a wonderful, cathartic experience. Before laying on her table I was already emotionally drained and as soon as we started, I noticed such a release happening. I was able to articulate so many things that I kept bottled up inside and just allowed myself to let go.

We talked for over an hour or so while she placed crystals on my body to clear my chakras. She then guided me through a meditation, which really just topped it all off. It was a feeling I hadn’t before felt and having that re-connection with my true self at that moment really gave me a sense of healing. What I love most about her approach is that she is very intuitive to what each clients’ needs are and always allows that to guide the Reiki session. After, I felt such a glow of relief and peace carrying me throughout that day. I was very interested in acquiring this knowledge for myself and have it with me throughout my life. Which is why I decided to join We Heal University to become a Reiki Master myself. Her classes were such an enlightening experience and I was able to feel an intense amount of grounding and strength within myself grow.  I really appreciate this tool I now have to guide and empower me through my journey. The greatest part of having Kataka as a Mentor is that she genuinely cares about you and people in general. She’s very understanding and motivates and challenges you to be the best version of yourself. I am truly grateful for her energy work, guidance and support. Thank you!