katakawithdrumIt’s 2pm and you are entering the mid-day blues. This is the time you incorporate a little caffeine fix (chocolate and coffee preferred) to carry you through the end of the work day. At this questionable hour, what else can we use as a boost?….music.

Music has the power to allow us to transcend into a different mind space. Whether it be a rock song to trigger a memory, or a soft melody to put you into a zen place, consider music your therapist (or best friend) that brings you up when you are feeling down.

The beauty of reiki and music is that they hold a strong relationship together. At We Heal University, students learn to infuse reiki into anything and everything. Master Kataka Gara, the founder of We Heal University, has taken her musical talents to master the art of sound healing with over 50 instruments.

Music is life, and music heals.