Mary Beth CI’ve been to many Reiki Healers, but none like Master Kataka. She has both a gregarious personality and contagious energy, which flows out of her, into you, when she is healing you. Plus, I had never experienced musical healing before. Kataka uses Swiss instruments called Hangs with her healing sessions.

They are similar in intonation to a Buddhist bell, but when placed on the body, resonate healing energy from head to toe. The best way to describe the flow of energy is like a tidal wave consuming your entire body, then, leaving you in a harmonious, peaceful state. This of course, “washes away” your stress, anxiety and worries of the day. I swear, I felt my cells were talking to me, even dancing, as I laid on her table.

Again I say, I have NEVER experienced anything like it. You MUST experience this for yourself. I highly recommend contacting We Heal University and Master Kataka today