ginaI don’t even know where to begin! Master Kataka is incredible. She has assisted in the expansion of my energy on so many levels. I first came to her, as a referral from a friend, for some healing sessions.. Right off the bat, I knew that I was in a space of pure love, acceptance, and joy. After several sessions with her, all of which were incredibly powerful, I decided I would attend We Heal University and attain my reiki mastery. In the course, my physical, emotional, mental and spiritual bodies were all fed to the fullest. I really am not sure that I am able to put the experience into words! With the attunements and all of the lessons, I have felt many energetic shifts… Some subtle, some very obvious… But all for the growth and expansion of myself and the world around me. I adore Kataka and am filled with gratitude for all that she has taught me. Love and light to all!