iStock_000022949856_Large-450x300Cheers to the year of change. The year of diving straight into what you love, what you dream of, and what you are made to do. Some might get bogged down by life’s daily activities consuming them, but now is your time to shine. 2015 was a year of the past, focusing on gaining new relationships to set up new advancements in 2016. Let’s take the lessons learned in 2015 and really focus in on letting our talents out.

With these five steps, channel your energy in the right direction to really mastering your talents and pushing your best self forward. There is no time like the present to showcase the true you.

1.) Total Enjoyment

There is message in doing what you love. Whether it be an everyday activity or something little that makes you crack a smile, there is something to say for little acts of enjoyment. Take a second in the day to see what you really love. Do you love offering a friend advice? Maybe a profession in therapy is in your future. Do you help a loved one fix their car? Maybe opening up an auto body shop is an option. Where you focus you times of enjoyment could be giving you the answer to where you should be focusing your talents.

2.) Self-Reflection

Self-reflection could be just the answer you need to seeing where your talents lie. Creating a list of the times that made you happy, sad or indifferent could shed light on the parts of your life where your talents show.

3.) Past Overall Success to Define Your Future

Your last 9-5 might have been successful for your bank account, but did you really enjoy all aspects about it? Dissecting your past professions could yield great rewards in finding what you are really good at. You might be an excellent janitor overall, but mopping the floors isn’t technically your favorite. At this point, maybe you have a future as a plumber or an electrician. Taking odd jobs could open up your mind clarifying where your true talents lie.

Take a minute and tune into yourself this new year, you will be surprised the inner talents you possess.