Eating Right for A Hydrated You

Eating Right for A Hydrated You

We all want to live the healthy, clean and comfortable life. We want to be rid of daily ailments, debilitating diseases, and anything that affects our everyday life. No, this article isn’t going to cure you, but yes, it will give you a little insight into one life improvement…water. Yes, California is going through a shortage of water at the moment, but now is the time our individual bodies need water the most. Water is an essential element to living. Water is roughly 60% of the make of our bodies. We need water to maintain the body’s natural fluid balance, leading to successful nutrient transportation, food digestions and body temperature regulation (these are just a few of the reasons). Drinking the average 8 glasses of water a day can be torture. Not only does drinking water give us the proper intake, but our foods also yield a grand amount of water as a great substitute. Adding various types of food that are rich in H20 to your daily diet can add up to 20% of your necessary water intake for the day. Push the water to the side for a minute and get eating, it’s time to hydrate.

1.) Grapefruits

Grapefruits contain 90.5% water content. Delicious & Hydrating!

2.) Peppers

These colorful cruciferous veggies contain 92% water content. Talk about crunchy and cool!

3.) Watermelon

Thriving in the summer. this fruit (containing 92% water) gives us a refreshing delight in the dead of the sun.

4.) Cucumbers

Mild, versatile and and delicious, cucumbers contain the most water out of any fruit or vegetable at 97%. Talk about a salivating substitution.


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