Discovering Your Talents in 2016

iStock_000022949856_Large-450x300Cheers to the year of change. The year of diving straight into what you love, what you dream of, and what you are made to do. Some might get bogged down by life’s daily activities consuming them, but now is your time to shine. 2015 was a year of the past, focusing on gaining new relationships to set up new advancements in 2016. Let’s take the lessons learned in 2015 and really focus in on letting our talents out.

With these five steps, channel your energy in the right direction to really mastering your talents and pushing your best self forward. There is no time like the present to showcase the true you.

1.) Total Enjoyment

There is message in doing what you love. Whether it be an everyday activity or something little that makes you crack a smile, there is something to say for little acts of enjoyment. Take a second in the day to see what you really love. Do you love offering a friend advice? Maybe a profession in therapy is in your future. Do you help a loved one fix their car? Maybe opening up an auto body shop is an option. Where you focus you times of enjoyment could be giving you the answer to where you should be focusing your talents.

2.) Self-Reflection

Self-reflection could be just the answer you need to seeing where your talents lie. Creating a list of the times that made you happy, sad or indifferent could shed light on the parts of your life where your talents show.

3.) Past Overall Success to Define Your Future

Your last 9-5 might have been successful for your bank account, but did you really enjoy all aspects about it? Dissecting your past professions could yield great rewards in finding what you are really good at. You might be an excellent janitor overall, but mopping the floors isn’t technically your favorite. At this point, maybe you have a future as a plumber or an electrician. Taking odd jobs could open up your mind clarifying where your true talents lie.

Take a minute and tune into yourself this new year, you will be surprised the inner talents you possess.


A Morning of Affirmations

The alarm goes off in the morning and you jump out of bed. You didn’t jump in excitement, but in an anxious panic to take on the day. Anxiety could be the silent killer to all of us. The constant need to feel like you are doing enough, earning enough, and just being your ultimate best is daunting. Anxiety about your personal life and work life could be stripping you of your overall happiness as a human being. But how do we remind ourselves that we are good enough? Remember this one word..Affirmation.

Having daily affirmations set for yourself, and on repeat in your mind could be the most useful and helpful tip to dealing with your anxiety. Stating what you will achieve, how you will feel and what you expect of yourself is an example of healing.

Take an extra 10 minutes in the morning to speak to your soul about how you want to live your life. Set your affirmations, revisit them daily, and revamp them for new dreams, expectations and goals to better your future.

Here are a few examples of daily affirmations you can implement to strip anxiety and be one step closer to a better you.

1.) I am feeling strong, healthy and beautiful today.

2.) I am grateful and content with my life.

3.) I have the strength to have the best day today.

4.) My work has purpose and improves my life.

5.) Everything I do works towards my best self.


Sunshine and Your Best Self

Sunshine and Your Best Self

Bad mood? Bitchy? Angry at the world?

Do you feel yourself thinking you are any of the above things? Quit it, happiness is in your near future.

There is an easy fix to your overall mood and it is a natural fix, no medications, only good old sunlight.

The sun is a powerful star at the center of the solar system. Not only is it to most important source for energy on earth, but it affects our state of being mentally, physically and emotionally. Imagine a rainy day that is dark and gloomy. Do you feel your best self on those days? With the lack of sun, there is a lack in the amount of seratonin the brain releases, which leads to a lethargic feeling.

Adding in a balance of sunlight into your day could trigger an instant mood boost to make you feel your best self. Outside exposure to the ultraviolent B radiation in the sun’s rays causes a persons skin to create vitamin D. Exposing yourself to vitamin D on a daily basis increases bone health and overall wellness.

So make the change! Get outside and go for a hike or a bike ride in the sun. Take a simple vacation to a naturally sunny place during winter to adjust back to your sunny self. Or, just open the window and let in the sunshine, every little bit helps (with sunscreen added) so implement new outside activities for a healthier future.

Photo via WanderVogelDiary

The Art of Mindful Awareness

The Art of Mindful Awareness

The introduction of spirituality into your life is transcending. Across the globe, aside from religion, people are connecting on a spiritual level through meditation, reiki, yoga and various other practices. In today’s world, the importance of mental, spiritual and physical connection is more important than ever before. Conflicted by religious barriers and beliefs, we can help those heal and connect within. Being mindful of your actions, the actions of those around us, and world wide behaviors could create a positive unity without conflict, despair and harm.

With guided meditation, and healing through reiki, We Heal University has seen the mental, spiritual and physical growth of those affiliated with the school. Master Kataka Gara, the Reiki Master and creator of We Heal U, shares her unique methods of guided meditation and reiki through sound healing. We Heal University is designed to teach those the fundamentals of reiki, so they, just like Master Kataka, can find their personal and unique method to heal.

Check out one of Master Kataka’s guided meditation and reiki sound healings here.

It is your task in life to be mindful of your best self, and create a world that maximizes your abilities, talents and presents you to the universe.

Reiki is powerful, heal wisely.

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Confidence is Key

Confidence is Key

Fat shaming, body bashing and people that are just downright rude need to take a step back and let us powerful women take charge. In today’s society, with the influx of social sharing, and the popular peek we are giving onlookers into our lives, it’s hard to stay confident in a world where confidence is truly lacking. In the normal day to day, it is a task to maintain self-confidence and to be in love with your true self. People spend lifetimes second guessing even the smallest decisions in life that can offer the biggest reward because of self-doubt. Now is the time to stop.

There is no time like the present to stand out from the crowd and stand up to yourself. It’s one thing to try and tell yourself to reek self-confidence, it’s another to implement into your everyday.

Here are a few tips (also reminders) on what you can do on a daily basis to feel worth it and outshine society:

Strut for the Moment:

A good workout, or your daily drive to work always comes equipped with the perfect tune. Incorporating power beats or favorite music into your everyday life allows you to strut your stuff and give you something to step to.

Living for Enjoyment

When do you feel most confident? Is it when you are shopping? Is it when you are naked in front of your significant other? Remember those moments and life for those moments. You must bask in the high moments to outweigh the low.

Accepting Failure

The hardest thing in life is accepting failure. Our society isn’t perfect, and guess what…you aren’t either. To try is the biggest act of self-confidence. Those who keep trying are pre-conditioning themselves to be able to handle setbacks and to learn task management. You learn from all of your mistakes and those are what frame your future.

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One Goal to Grand

One Goal to Grand

Those days as a child dreaming up what your future would be like is NOW. We are living in the “Now” of our past and making our dreams a reality. No dream is too big, no reality is fake, we were put on this earth to do great things, and be somebody.

Dream, think, achieve, repeat. This is the pattern to our own personal successes. Implementing this daily strategy might be harder than you think, so let’s take the easy route. Focus with these quick tips, and applaud yourself: you are one step closer to living your dreams.

1.) Say Goodbye to Procrastination

This is the most important time to keep yourself in the game. Procrastination is #1 in shifting focus off your goal.

2.) Writing Down Steps (Mini Goals) to the Bigger Picture

Jot down the biggest goal, but set yourself up for the steps along the way. Each step to the bigger picture should include a goal. Keeping these goals as milestones to the “final supper” will keep you motivated.

3.) Meditate and Shift Focus

Clear your mind. Meditating during times of goal-getting allows you to clear your headspace and make way for the important aspects…your dreams. Visualizing your goal, adding the details to your mind and gaining clarity on the way of achieving them will have the most reward.

Good luck and go get em’, no dream is too big.