Manifest the New Year

Manifest the New Year

Happy Holidays Healers. Let’s manifest our way right into the New Year. Yes, 2015 is over, but it’s time to take a sneak peek right into our future in 2016.

Energy is a powerful thing. Your energy effects your mood and ultimately attracts your experiences.Think about a moment you are feeling down, at that exact moment, the down feeling overwhelms all aspects of your life. This is your energy taking over.

Ok, now put the down thought out of your mind and focus on what you want to achieve and what you see yourself, doing and being in 2016. Use the force of energy to take over in a positive tone to manifest what you will be achieving in 2016. Turn your negativity thoughts into confident actions as you take a stand against poor energy to let in the positive for the new year.

“I woke up this morning living and experiencing my dreams” and repeat.

Think it, believe it, be it. You can control your 2016 goals, dreams and wholesome life, so do it!

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