Andrea J., Publicist – Alameda, CA

21069_336614748981_7729357_nI had my first Reiki session with Master Kataka about 2 weeks ago. I don’t live in the area, so she was able to do a session with me over the phone.
I had been feeling very stuck and my life was not progressing in any positive ways. We set up a time to do a guided meditation. I laid on my bed, with her on the speakerphone. We first discussed some of the issues I was going through, in order for her to understand what kind of healing I needed.

She sent me Reiki energy, then the guided mediation started. I was only able to get about halfway through the guided meditation until I started crying and was very upset. When I discussed what happened with her, she was able to determine from my reactions how I was stuck, and noted there was a lot of anger and frustration in my life. She gave me some wonderful insights on how to change the way I was looking at things, and once I realized that I was holding on to so much fear, anger and frustration, it was a lot easier to start working through those issues.

I highly recommend Master Kataka for her Reiki, and I would definitely do another session via phone in the future. I wish her the best in her practice.

Joshua B., Aspiring Web Designer – Oxnard, CA

joshua.b.yelp.picKataka is one of the most talented musicians I know. Her healing ability is wonderful because she holds space for you to expand and open. If you are new to Reiki healing or if you are a Reiki Master you will be literally blown away! She put grounding stones in my hands and crystals on my chest and used her musical skills to vibrate her Didjeridu to blow thru my body and allow me to center and heal. I highly recommend her services.

Ariella F. Vocal Teacher – Minneapolis, MN

Ariella FKataka is one of the most powerful energy healers I know (and I know many). Not to mention a phenomenal teacher. She’s got a strong internal strength and wisdom that shine through every healing session and class that she teaches. If you’re looking to change your life for the better, this will be one of the best investments – in yourself – that you could ever make! Work with her today, and watch your life change in beautiful ways!

Jenn A., Yoga Teacher/Reiki Master – West Hollywood, CA

Jenn AI recently studied Reiki under Master Kataka back in February of this year and the experience has truly enriched my life. I was in a place where I wasn’t sure of where to go or what to do with my existence. I attended a We Heal University event and enjoyed learning a bit about Reiki – how it can heal yourself, others, and be an instrument to guide you through life. I completed the Reiki Mastery course with Master Kataka and I now see a difference in myself. I’m more confident, willing to take risks, have a better sense of how to take direction from the universe, and am able to be a better friend to others with healing and providing guidance. Reiki was the bridge to this calling. I am very grateful for the experience of achieving my Reiki Mastery with Master Kataka and We Heal University.

David N., Store Owner – San Jose, CA

David NWhat can I say? It works. I was at a very dark moment in my life where everything went downhill. I was lost and needed something to revive myself. I am a very open person.

When I came across We Heal University I had no idea what it was so I started reading up on it and it made more sense. I decided to give it a shot and Master Kataka was great. She is kind, warm, and very knowledgeable. She changed my life. I recommend this to anyone who needs to overcome some obstacles in life

Julie C., Reiki Master – Culver City, CA

Julie C., Reiki Master – Culver City, CA

Julie CAs a fellow Reiki Master/Healer I was delighted to receive a Reiki Hangs Healing Session from Reiki Master Kataka. The experience opened my Third Eye and resonated through my Spine (damaged in a near fatal car accident in 1998) in a way I’ve not experienced before. Kataka’s musical talent is only surpassed by her ability to intuitively see what is needed and allow the energy to flow there.
We had the opportunity after this amazing healing session to compare notes and techniques on how we approach healing and teaching. Reiki Master Kataka has a wonderful approach to teaching her Students in an effective and wonder-filled manner. She, like me, understands the value of teaching the traditional and nontraditional aspects of Reiki. She appreciates mulit-modality healing to optimize the experience of the client/student.

I highly recommend Reiki Master Kataka if you are looking to take your healing craft to the next level.