Mary Beth C., Registered Nurse – Los Angeles, CA

Mary Beth CI’ve been to many Reiki Healers, but none like Master Kataka. She has both a gregarious personality and contagious energy, which flows out of her, into you, when she is healing you. Plus, I had never experienced musical healing before. Kataka uses Swiss instruments called Hangs with her healing sessions.

They are similar in intonation to a Buddhist bell, but when placed on the body, resonate healing energy from head to toe. The best way to describe the flow of energy is like a tidal wave consuming your entire body, then, leaving you in a harmonious, peaceful state. This of course, “washes away” your stress, anxiety and worries of the day. I swear, I felt my cells were talking to me, even dancing, as I laid on her table.

Again I say, I have NEVER experienced anything like it. You MUST experience this for yourself. I highly recommend contacting We Heal University and Master Kataka today

Francesca R., Artist – San Diego, CA

FranchescaI was having a lot of physical pain, trigger points, inflammation in my joints. I wanted to try something like a Reiki, Sound healing because I felt I was under a lot of mental and emotional stress.

I try a lot of natural therapies but I was still amazed how powerful of a healing was given. I walked out with no physical pain. I would highly recommend We Heal University.

Ali R., Writer – Los Angeles, CA

AliI found We Heal University when I was looking for a place to go for Reiki. I was feeling deeply in need of some spiritual insight and support with my energy balance. I’m a Reiki Master myself, and I find that healers can sometimes have a hard time investing in healing services for themselves. It was like 3am, I couldn’t sleep, I was stressed and depressed and looking for a way forward.

Just by reading through Kataka’s reviews, I found myself feeling more hopeful and positive. I could feel her work having an effect on me, even with a distance of time and space between me and my session with her!

As with any other practice or profession, each healer has their own angle or specialty. I don’t mean the methods they use, but the type or pattern of results their clients tend to get. A lot of Kataka’s reviewers seemed to experience success and desired outcomes after their sessions with her. So from that I just decided that if I invested in working with Kataka, that tangible, material success and flourishing would be the result I would experience! I really needed some material boost at the time. And everything is intention anyways, so I knew that as long as I decided that, it would happen.

She is great on the phone, and returned my call and we chatted for a bit. She invited me to a We Heal University Graduation gathering. It was a great atmosphere. Since I’m also a practitioner, I got to work on other attendees in a group Reiki setting. It was healing just to spend that time helping others to heal. Kataka was totally in tune with how I was working with the Reiki, and acknowledged it in a way that nobody ever had. For example, I always make sure to imagine roots going into the earth from the bottom of my feet in order to stay grounded as I work. She said, “Great grounding,” but I wasn’t doing anything visibly that would indicate that I was grounding.

She has a really strong, powerful presence while still being balanced and aware of others around her. She discusses spiritual matters while still being very down to earth. She looks you in the eye. She’s relaxed and seems to take everything in stride.

Even though I was feeling better after that, I still wanted to commit to at least one one-one-one session with her. The session was great. I’m sure every session is different. We didn’t do sound healing. We talked a lot throughout the session, and she offered me a lot of intuitively led advice and feedback on my energy and the topics I had wanted to work on, which landed really well for me. It’s clear that she has a lot of training, practice and personal experience that inform her work. I mentioned three major topics at the start of the session, and I figured we would only have time to touch on one. But we moved seamlessly from one to the next, and had dove into all three by the end of the session, time warp style!

I came away feeling reassured, grounded and supported, much more sure of myself and accepting of my current situation, with some helpful insight as to what’s going on in the spiritual and energetic areas of my life.

Since contacting Kataka, I was able to buy a truck really quickly and easily, I got a major promotion at the ad agency where I work, I heard back from a huge network about a script I submitted, and probably a bunch of other good stuff that seemed far away but is now just a part of my daily life. These are material things, but are important to me because they’re connected to my creative power and my ability to accomplish my dreams. I have been using her suggested techniques for how to manage my energy and intuition, and as a result feeling calmer and more powerful!

Were these fortuitous things all about to happen anyways? Did they happen more easily because I saw Kataka? Does it matter? I look forward to another session with Kataka, with the intention of manifesting even greater abundance, expansiveness and delight in my life! If you decide to work with Kataka, show up ready to go big.

Rexy D., Massage Therapist – Los Angeles, CA

RexiMy first time meeting Master Kataka was over the phone. I was doing research and was looking for some Reiki for a friend and was very impressed by her reviews on Yelp. As soon as she returned my call, I immediately felt a sense of calm in her voice which in turn transferred over to me. I was going through a very rough time and was experiencing a lot of stress and anxiety. Initially, I was trying to set up an appointment for the other person, but after we ended our call, I soon realized I wanted a session of my own. I came in that same day and it was such a wonderful, cathartic experience. Before laying on her table I was already emotionally drained and as soon as we started, I noticed such a release happening. I was able to articulate so many things that I kept bottled up inside and just allowed myself to let go.

We talked for over an hour or so while she placed crystals on my body to clear my chakras. She then guided me through a meditation, which really just topped it all off. It was a feeling I hadn’t before felt and having that re-connection with my true self at that moment really gave me a sense of healing. What I love most about her approach is that she is very intuitive to what each clients’ needs are and always allows that to guide the Reiki session. After, I felt such a glow of relief and peace carrying me throughout that day. I was very interested in acquiring this knowledge for myself and have it with me throughout my life. Which is why I decided to join We Heal University to become a Reiki Master myself. Her classes were such an enlightening experience and I was able to feel an intense amount of grounding and strength within myself grow.  I really appreciate this tool I now have to guide and empower me through my journey. The greatest part of having Kataka as a Mentor is that she genuinely cares about you and people in general. She’s very understanding and motivates and challenges you to be the best version of yourself. I am truly grateful for her energy work, guidance and support. Thank you!

Dr. Todd P., Acupuncturist – Boulder, CO.

Dr Todd PLooking to take your life, your spirit, and your career to the next level??? Then look no further… We Heal University is the place for you to transform your Life! Kataka is a profoundly intuitive healer with a HUGE bag of tools to help you awaken, heal and find the true light and bounty of life!!! Additionally, incorporation of Sound Vibrational Healing and Crystal Chakra Healing to the Ancient Power of Reiki make We Heal University the most unique and powerful Reiki School today. Thanks for all of the Love and Wisdom, Kataka!

Gina S., Choreographer – North Hollywood, CA

ginaI don’t even know where to begin! Master Kataka is incredible. She has assisted in the expansion of my energy on so many levels. I first came to her, as a referral from a friend, for some healing sessions.. Right off the bat, I knew that I was in a space of pure love, acceptance, and joy. After several sessions with her, all of which were incredibly powerful, I decided I would attend We Heal University and attain my reiki mastery. In the course, my physical, emotional, mental and spiritual bodies were all fed to the fullest. I really am not sure that I am able to put the experience into words! With the attunements and all of the lessons, I have felt many energetic shifts… Some subtle, some very obvious… But all for the growth and expansion of myself and the world around me. I adore Kataka and am filled with gratitude for all that she has taught me. Love and light to all!