Sunshine and Your Best Self

Sunshine and Your Best Self

Bad mood? Bitchy? Angry at the world?

Do you feel yourself thinking you are any of the above things? Quit it, happiness is in your near future.

There is an easy fix to your overall mood and it is a natural fix, no medications, only good old sunlight.

The sun is a powerful star at the center of the solar system. Not only is it to most important source for energy on earth, but it affects our state of being mentally, physically and emotionally. Imagine a rainy day that is dark and gloomy. Do you feel your best self on those days? With the lack of sun, there is a lack in the amount of seratonin the brain releases, which leads to a lethargic feeling.

Adding in a balance of sunlight into your day could trigger an instant mood boost to make you feel your best self. Outside exposure to the ultraviolent B radiation in the sun’s rays causes a persons skin to create vitamin D. Exposing yourself to vitamin D on a daily basis increases bone health and overall wellness.

So make the change! Get outside and go for a hike or a bike ride in the sun. Take a simple vacation to a naturally sunny place during winter to adjust back to your sunny self. Or, just open the window and let in the sunshine, every little bit helps (with sunscreen added) so implement new outside activities for a healthier future.

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The Art of Mindful Awareness

The Art of Mindful Awareness

The introduction of spirituality into your life is transcending. Across the globe, aside from religion, people are connecting on a spiritual level through meditation, reiki, yoga and various other practices. In today’s world, the importance of mental, spiritual and physical connection is more important than ever before. Conflicted by religious barriers and beliefs, we can help those heal and connect within. Being mindful of your actions, the actions of those around us, and world wide behaviors could create a positive unity without conflict, despair and harm.

With guided meditation, and healing through reiki, We Heal University has seen the mental, spiritual and physical growth of those affiliated with the school. Master Kataka Gara, the Reiki Master and creator of We Heal U, shares her unique methods of guided meditation and reiki through sound healing. We Heal University is designed to teach those the fundamentals of reiki, so they, just like Master Kataka, can find their personal and unique method to heal.

Check out one of Master Kataka’s guided meditation and reiki sound healings here.

It is your task in life to be mindful of your best self, and create a world that maximizes your abilities, talents and presents you to the universe.

Reiki is powerful, heal wisely.

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Your Ultimate State of Being

Your Ultimate State of Being

Feeling tired, sad, alone or just not your ultimate best? We could spend our entire lifetime just trying to figure out how to achieve our “perfect” true self but it is easier said than done. Let’s re-align ourselves to give a little extra everyday. 

1.) Feel fulfilled in every moment

Changing the negative into positive in everything we do could seem like a task but just nit-picking one positive thing and maximizing it could be a life saver. You 9-5 job might not be all glitz and glam, but pick the one you do the best in your everyday and praise it. Remind yourself that that one aspect of sheer success is something YOU do well, no one else.

2.) Love and Respect to others

The moment someone treats you disrespectful, how do you feel? Take that feeling and put someone else in your shoes to feel it. It’s awful…correct? Treating others with the ultimate love and respect gives them the best you, but also makes them feel 100% as well. No one likes to constantly be put down, so rise up and bring others with you.

3.) Love yourself like no other

Binge eat 6 candy bars, 4 sodas and 2 plates of pasta and see how you feel. This sugar high is really giving your body a depressing low. Not only should you love others and the world, but self-love is you number 1. What you put in your body should nourish, repair and regenerate. Keeping tabs on how you are keeping yourself healthy is the most important gift you can give yourself.

Exercise, eat healthy and remind yourself that you are your best self every day.

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Confidence is Key

Confidence is Key

Fat shaming, body bashing and people that are just downright rude need to take a step back and let us powerful women take charge. In today’s society, with the influx of social sharing, and the popular peek we are giving onlookers into our lives, it’s hard to stay confident in a world where confidence is truly lacking. In the normal day to day, it is a task to maintain self-confidence and to be in love with your true self. People spend lifetimes second guessing even the smallest decisions in life that can offer the biggest reward because of self-doubt. Now is the time to stop.

There is no time like the present to stand out from the crowd and stand up to yourself. It’s one thing to try and tell yourself to reek self-confidence, it’s another to implement into your everyday.

Here are a few tips (also reminders) on what you can do on a daily basis to feel worth it and outshine society:

Strut for the Moment:

A good workout, or your daily drive to work always comes equipped with the perfect tune. Incorporating power beats or favorite music into your everyday life allows you to strut your stuff and give you something to step to.

Living for Enjoyment

When do you feel most confident? Is it when you are shopping? Is it when you are naked in front of your significant other? Remember those moments and life for those moments. You must bask in the high moments to outweigh the low.

Accepting Failure

The hardest thing in life is accepting failure. Our society isn’t perfect, and guess what…you aren’t either. To try is the biggest act of self-confidence. Those who keep trying are pre-conditioning themselves to be able to handle setbacks and to learn task management. You learn from all of your mistakes and those are what frame your future.

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Eating Right for A Hydrated You

Eating Right for A Hydrated You

We all want to live the healthy, clean and comfortable life. We want to be rid of daily ailments, debilitating diseases, and anything that affects our everyday life. No, this article isn’t going to cure you, but yes, it will give you a little insight into one life improvement…water. Yes, California is going through a shortage of water at the moment, but now is the time our individual bodies need water the most. Water is an essential element to living. Water is roughly 60% of the make of our bodies. We need water to maintain the body’s natural fluid balance, leading to successful nutrient transportation, food digestions and body temperature regulation (these are just a few of the reasons). Drinking the average 8 glasses of water a day can be torture. Not only does drinking water give us the proper intake, but our foods also yield a grand amount of water as a great substitute. Adding various types of food that are rich in H20 to your daily diet can add up to 20% of your necessary water intake for the day. Push the water to the side for a minute and get eating, it’s time to hydrate.

1.) Grapefruits

Grapefruits contain 90.5% water content. Delicious & Hydrating!

2.) Peppers

These colorful cruciferous veggies contain 92% water content. Talk about crunchy and cool!

3.) Watermelon

Thriving in the summer. this fruit (containing 92% water) gives us a refreshing delight in the dead of the sun.

4.) Cucumbers

Mild, versatile and and delicious, cucumbers contain the most water out of any fruit or vegetable at 97%. Talk about a salivating substitution.


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Lavender Love

Lavender Love

Your body is unique, beautiful and is meant to be cherished.

The daily beatdown we put ourselves through takes a toll on our bodies. With that in mind, it’s time to regenerate and rejuvenate to prepare for the days to come.

Lavender, a natural oil, has many benefits, uses and healing properties to get us on the right track ready to share our lives with the universe.

Post workout or after a long day at the office, lavender oil added to a bath or shower relieves aching muscles and more importantly stress. Used for the fragrance mainly, Lavender Oil also disinfects, releases nervous tension, and enhances blood circulation. Essentials oils are in the forefront of the holistic and natural healing trend at the moment. Adding lavender to your daily routine could benefit you not just at the moment, but help you plan a healthy life for the future.

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