Manifest the New Year

Manifest the New Year

Happy Holidays Healers. Let’s manifest our way right into the New Year. Yes, 2015 is over, but it’s time to take a sneak peek right into our future in 2016.

Energy is a powerful thing. Your energy effects your mood and ultimately attracts your experiences.Think about a moment you are feeling down, at that exact moment, the down feeling overwhelms all aspects of your life. This is your energy taking over.

Ok, now put the down thought out of your mind and focus on what you want to achieve and what you see yourself, doing and being in 2016. Use the force of energy to take over in a positive tone to manifest what you will be achieving in 2016. Turn your negativity thoughts into confident actions as you take a stand against poor energy to let in the positive for the new year.

“I woke up this morning living and experiencing my dreams” and repeat.

Think it, believe it, be it. You can control your 2016 goals, dreams and wholesome life, so do it!

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Finding the Beauty In Your Body

Finding the Beauty In Your Body

The beauty of healing is the ability to connect within. People go their entire lifetime without actually paying attention to who they truly are and what makes themselves tick. To be able to connect with yourself is a true skill, and is pivotal to enhancing your life for a better future. The power of reiki healing allows you to focus on your true beauty as an individual. There is nothing more beautiful than self-confidence, and that comes hand and hand with reiki healing. As you go through your path of life healing others with your abilities, you will see not just the act of helping others makes you more self confident, but it makes you a stronger individual. The ability to pay attention to your body helps your most beautiful self come to surface. When you feel beautiful, you radiate beauty and transfer that feeling to others.

Be beautiful, heal.

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Mid-Day Blues Music Boost

katakawithdrumIt’s 2pm and you are entering the mid-day blues. This is the time you incorporate a little caffeine fix (chocolate and coffee preferred) to carry you through the end of the work day. At this questionable hour, what else can we use as a boost?….music.

Music has the power to allow us to transcend into a different mind space. Whether it be a rock song to trigger a memory, or a soft melody to put you into a zen place, consider music your therapist (or best friend) that brings you up when you are feeling down.

The beauty of reiki and music is that they hold a strong relationship together. At We Heal University, students learn to infuse reiki into anything and everything. Master Kataka Gara, the founder of We Heal University, has taken her musical talents to master the art of sound healing with over 50 instruments.

Music is life, and music heals.


A Quick Reiki Fix


Say goodbye to doctors and hello to reiki. Whether you are feeling down in the dumps mentally, physically or emotionally, you need to perk up fast. Spending time figuring out what medicine, what doctor and what way you are going to heal yourself is time consuming and daunting. Simplifying your life, and your healing methods is easy and useful. With the simple act of hands on hands off, you have all the power to heal others and heal yourself. Reiki is a simple practice with dedication, mindfulness and the art of balance, anyone can heal with. Giving yourself the gift of becoming a reiki master is easy at We Heal University but also a tool that can change your life.

Your life is hard enough, your healing methods should be easy.

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A Morning of Affirmations

The alarm goes off in the morning and you jump out of bed. You didn’t jump in excitement, but in an anxious panic to take on the day. Anxiety could be the silent killer to all of us. The constant need to feel like you are doing enough, earning enough, and just being your ultimate best is daunting. Anxiety about your personal life and work life could be stripping you of your overall happiness as a human being. But how do we remind ourselves that we are good enough? Remember this one word..Affirmation.

Having daily affirmations set for yourself, and on repeat in your mind could be the most useful and helpful tip to dealing with your anxiety. Stating what you will achieve, how you will feel and what you expect of yourself is an example of healing.

Take an extra 10 minutes in the morning to speak to your soul about how you want to live your life. Set your affirmations, revisit them daily, and revamp them for new dreams, expectations and goals to better your future.

Here are a few examples of daily affirmations you can implement to strip anxiety and be one step closer to a better you.

1.) I am feeling strong, healthy and beautiful today.

2.) I am grateful and content with my life.

3.) I have the strength to have the best day today.

4.) My work has purpose and improves my life.

5.) Everything I do works towards my best self.


Sunshine and Your Best Self

Sunshine and Your Best Self

Bad mood? Bitchy? Angry at the world?

Do you feel yourself thinking you are any of the above things? Quit it, happiness is in your near future.

There is an easy fix to your overall mood and it is a natural fix, no medications, only good old sunlight.

The sun is a powerful star at the center of the solar system. Not only is it to most important source for energy on earth, but it affects our state of being mentally, physically and emotionally. Imagine a rainy day that is dark and gloomy. Do you feel your best self on those days? With the lack of sun, there is a lack in the amount of seratonin the brain releases, which leads to a lethargic feeling.

Adding in a balance of sunlight into your day could trigger an instant mood boost to make you feel your best self. Outside exposure to the ultraviolent B radiation in the sun’s rays causes a persons skin to create vitamin D. Exposing yourself to vitamin D on a daily basis increases bone health and overall wellness.

So make the change! Get outside and go for a hike or a bike ride in the sun. Take a simple vacation to a naturally sunny place during winter to adjust back to your sunny self. Or, just open the window and let in the sunshine, every little bit helps (with sunscreen added) so implement new outside activities for a healthier future.

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